The Fearless Son

The other day my son and I got into a conversation about sharing our faith, in Jesus Christ, with other people. When we first began I wasn’t too sure where our talk was going to lead or what was going to come of it. But, once we were done, I was sure glad we had ventured into that topic. Not because I was able to share any great wisdom with him or give him any great tips, but because he impressed me, and impressed me greatly.

You see, it wasn’t a conversation where I was teaching him how to do it or anything like that. It was a conversation where he was telling me how he had been sharing his faith with many of his friends. He was telling me the tools and techniques he was using. He went into how he’d been texting some friends, using facebook to reach others, E-mail and then the good old fashion way of face-to-face. His technique, as he described it, was so open, warm, caring for the other person, and so fearless. He was using everything at his disposal to reach out to those around him. I have to admit, I was in awe and deeply moved.

The conversation ended and I told him I had enjoyed our talk. The teacher had been schooled by the student. After letting what I had just heard settle in, I had to go back to him and let him know just how proud I was of him for being faithful to the call to share the Gospel.

I realized that God was showing me, right then and there, how He was answering my prayers for my son. God was also setting my son up as an example to me, so that I will be more faithful in sharing the message of God’s salvation. I thank God, so much, for what He’s doing in my son’s life and in my life through my son.


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