The Shy One in the Play

This past week was a fairly busy week. I guess it really all started last weekend with the Back to School Retreat for our church youth group and then it kind of just kept going after that, with school being in full-swing and then the youth small groups starting last Wednesday. I had to get 2 kids to their small groups at different places, host 1 small group at our house and then get 2 kids back home afterward. Fortunately, I had some help from a friend to get one of them to and from theirs.

But there’s one BIG thing from the previous weekend that I didn’t want to let get buried in all the other events. My youngest daughter started 6th grade this year and as her elective, she’s taking Theater. During the previous week she was all excited about getting ready for the auditions. Well, she went to the auditions along with about 100 other kids from what I hear. We proud of her for going and giving it a shot. Then she found out the next day she had made “call backs”. We were shocked. She went to “call backs” and when she got home, she said they went Ok. No great expectations here. But, believe or not, the cast list was posted by the teacher on Saturday, on the school website, and there in front of our very eyes was her name. We were stunned and so excited! No, she doesn’t have the lead, but it’s a part none the less.

I know you’re wondering why it’s such a big deal if it’s not the lead. But, you see, it’s big because this is our extremely shy daughter who has struggled with mild dyslexia. For the past 2 years, she’s attended a private school that specializes in teaching kids with conditions like dyslexia. But, since she was beginning middle school this year and we thought she was ready, we decided to move her back into the public school system. This was a decision made after much prayer but still with a lot of fear. We were afraid that her shyness would cause her to struggle to fit back in, or that maybe she wasn’t ready. But all along the way God continued to show us things that let us know that He was in control of this, and that she was going to be just fine. In our eyes, this was a huge confirmation that God was in this and He’s looking after her. It was an answer to prayer that she’s not struggling and that she is ready.

As I really thought about it we’ve seen God doing things in her life to bring her more and more out of her shell. We’ve seen God really working in her in this area for the past year or more. During that time she participated in our children’s ministry worship team, called “Triple G”, where she began to gain confidence by leaps and bounds. She was even given an award as the “Most Improved Worshiper” because of how she continued to grow in her self-confidence. This is just another step down that road. God has given her an avenue to allow her to step outside of herself and out of her comfort zone. It’s been awesome watching her grow.

So, with all that, we’re so proud of our daughter. We’re so blessed to have her. Way to go Ashley!!!


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