The Real Issue

In the news, on the internet, and on talk radio I constantly hear about what everyone thinks are the big or real issues that the presidential candidates are addressing, aren’t addressing, or should be addressing. At the top of the list right now, of course, is the economy. But everyone seems to have their own opinion. The issues that you hear of most of the time, other than the economy, are the war on terrorism, universal healthcare, gas prices, global warming and a few others.

Like everyone else, I have my own opinion. All of the issues mentioned above and the many that I didn’t mention are indeed important. But, I believe there is one, and only one issue that has to be considered in the coming election. I feel that this issue is most important because I think that it puts a framework around all of the other issues. It is one that any real American, that truely loves this country and what it stands for, should take a real hard look at. The issue I’m talking about is Socialism.

We, as a country, are closer than ever before in electing a Socialist, Barack Obama, as President of the United States. We have fought against Socialism for decades. We have fought wars against it, where our soldiers have bled and died. But here we are, as a country, ignoring the fact that Socialism is anti anything that this country is about. It is as if we are willing to accept it, regardless of the fact that it is anti-freedom, anti-capitalism, anti-religious, and yes, anti-American. Regardless of the fact that it has failed everywhere that it has been tried. I find it so hard to believe that anyone, and I mean anyone in this country would even consider voting for Obama. I say NO! We can’t allow this to happen. It’s my belief that the majority of Americans, if they truely considered this issue, would never vote for Obama.

Consider this carefully. Do you want America to be great as it always has been? Or, do you want America to be among the list of the other failed Socialist experiments? Choose wisely.


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