You Can’t Believe the Polls

I came across a couple of very interesting posts on the Hillbuzz. The first is titled “Confessions of an Obama blogger“. It gives a great behind the scenes look at the tactics used by the Obama campaign to demoralize McCain supporters and skew the poll numbers so that everyone thinks that the election is just a formality for Obama. The second is titled “Three things the Obamedia will do to depress Republican turnout and help Obama“. Both articles give compelling reasons not to trust the poll numbers that have been reported on day in and day out.

Bottom line is the conservative voice still needs to be heard and heard loudly. No matter what you hear or read in the media, get to the polls and vote! Stay in line as long as you have to. This is a critical election and Americans need to let it be known that we will not put up with the Socialist nonsense of Barack Obama. Come on America, don’t lose heart thinking that Obama has it in the bag. We can stop the tide of Socialism, but you’ve got to do your part and vote.


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