Haven’t Heard About This

I just came across something on The Gateway Pundit blog that I haven’t heard anything about anywhere else. Maybe it’s because a bunch of bloggers organized it (WAY TO GO), but I think it still should have gotten some media attention. If nothing else, the charts and graphs that show the progress that’s been made should be getting some attention. But, oh, maybe if that kind of information got out to the masses, then maybe everyone would begin to think that our efforts in Iraq have really been a success.

Many, many thanks to our military! We are forever grateful.


One response to “Haven’t Heard About This

  1. As the wife of a member of the Army National Guard I thank you for posting this. It seems that the news media has an aversion to telling things that are good, with Iraq or anything else. My husband hasn’t said a lot but I know that although things aren’t perfect there they have made a lot of changes. Everybody should think twice when they hear things on the news. Oh….I also heard they did find weapons grade petroleum in Iraq less than a year after the war started. If you haven’t heard that it’s also worth reading about. Anyway, thank you again. And for ackowledging the service of our men and women. There is never to much of that!!Have a blessed day!

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