Is There Such a Thing as a Drama King?

My last post that I wrote had to do with drama also. It seems to be a theme running through our family at this time. I was faced with the decision whether or not to combine this with my previous post. But, I decided that I should write separate posts about my 2 oldest kids.

So, is there such a thing as a “Drama King”? I don’t know. I’ve never heard the term used, but you never know. My oldest son is not really a “Drama King” in the sense of how the term “Drama Queen” is used, but he has had a couple of significant Drama related things happen to him recently that I thought were worthy of a post. So, in regards to those things, I’ll call him a “Drama King”.

My oldest son is one that really enjoys theater and has what I think is a gift in that area. He has the peronality for it, a strong, clear voice, and a knack for putting himself into character.

He, like my oldest daughter, is giving himself in service to our church this Christmas Eve, in our church’s Christmas Eve services. He is one of the Wise Men Apprentices. I was able to watch a little bit of the rehearsal yesterday and he did a really good job. It is such a thrill to see him using his abilities in that way. It is going to be such a great joy to be serving our Lord at the same time, on the same stage, on Christmas Eve. I can’t wait.

Most recently though, he landed the lead role in his upcoming school play, which will happen in February. This was a great thrill for him and I can’t wait to see the play. Unfortunately, we have 2 more months to wait. Anyway, he is hard at work with rehearsals and putting every ounce of energy he has into something he enjoys.

This past year has been a year of accomplishments for him that I hope he will always remember. I hope that he will reflect back on them and see God’s hand in them. His accomplishments of recovering from reconstructive knee surgery over a year ago, to making his school basketball team, to now getting the lead in the play. He has come so far.


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