Consequences That Nobody Thought Of

I was just talking to someone earlier today about how the cost of so many different things were impacted by the price of gas last year, when it was up around $4.00 per gallon combined with the big push of Ethanol. If you remember, food prices increased quite a bit during that time, as well as most anything else that had to be transported. It was quite the double-whammy.

Well, here we go again with this disastrous Cap and Trade bill that just passed the U.S. House. I’m sure that nobody in our government sat down and thought about the overall consequences. Or, maybe they did, and they just decided that these were necessary cost increases. But, we know for sure that those at The Heritage Foundation have thought about this and for our benefit have written a great little article about it.

So, nationalizing Healthcare is supposed to lower and better control cost, but yet another piece of legislation that the same government leaders are in the process of pushing through will possibly drive the cost of Healthcare up even more. Hmmm? Maybe this is really an intended consequence.

How Cap and Trade Affects the Health Care Debate » The Foundry

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One response to “Consequences That Nobody Thought Of

  1. I rather believe that our President considered the consequences of this legislation, and that he likely believes the potential for reductions in fossil fuel demand that result from price increases to be a viable method of reducing oil dependendence. Following the thin strands of the complex spider web of unintended consequences of green legislation, I am most disturbed by the potential for worsening hunger. By creating competition between crops for food vs. energy, it is likely the energy producing crop will be worth greater profit to farmers and distributors than corn produced for food and animal feed at the low-end of the food chain.

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