Do They Really Care What the Constitution Says?

A great article appeared on American Thinker (To Hell with the Constitution?) the other day. I think it’s pretty clear, by many recent actions by the President and leaders in Congress, that the Constitution is being turned on its head.

All during the debates regarding Healthcare Reform, it never seemed that anyone was questioning the constitutionality of what the government was trying to do, but always trying to come up with a reform plan that would work. The thing is, the government shouldn’t be involved in reforming healthcare at all, except for creating an economic environment that would be conducive to reform happening. That could mainly be done by reducing taxes on businesses and individuals and addressing frivolous medical malpractice lawsuits. I realize there is a lot more to it than that, but still it is not the government’s responsibility.

So, what can be done? Will American’s stand up and demand that our government govern according to the Constitution? Or, will we just passively let it go?

UPDATE – A new article from (Gibbs Says He Doesn’t Know if White House Has Reviewed Constitutionality of Forcing People to Buy Health Insurance) gives great insight into the mindset of the Obama Administration. I guess this answers my question. They don’t.


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