Who Cares Attitude Toward Socialism

Once again another great article on American Thinker (American Thinker: What’s Wrong With Socialism?) regarding the “Who Cares” attitude toward Socialism that exists today. Have you run into it? I’ve experienced it in a couple of different ways. Either how this article describes as someone just asking what’s wrong with it, or people just not seeing or acknowledging the obvious regarding the policies that our current President and Congress are trying to implement and that they are socialistic policies and if they are allowed, will have a devastating impact on our country and way of life.

It’s true that today and in recent generations, the schools have not taught the whole picture of Socialism and the devastation of the economy and people’s lives that it inevitably leads to. That part of the story is usually ignored, or the evil is just attributed to the leader at that time (e.g. Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, etc.). But the truth is, the Socialistic form of government is by nature inhumane and destructive. As the article points out the need of the leaders to be able to control individual behavior, in order to make everything work, ultimately leads to the devastation in Socialistic societies that we’ve seen throughout history. History can’t be ignored here and we can’t believe that well, we’ll just do it better this time around. I’m sure that’s what all the others throughout history thought as well.

If you love this country, love your freedom, liberty and don’t want the government involved in every aspect of your lives, really think about this. Where do you stand? As the article mentions, educate those around you. Do your part in explaining what’s wrong with Socialism. Let’s not just sit around and let it happen to America.


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